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Where are you even running, anyway?


Half Marathon* (or the 2 Person Relay!)




The half-marathon and 5K courses are both USATF-certified. That’s important! Click to find out why. 

If you’re running the half marathon, the course will be shut down at 12:00 pm. That’s an 18-minute/mile pace. We have to get permits to close the roads and use certain areas, and they expire at noon. If you don’t finish in time, please be aware that you may be left out of the results.

Like to live dangerously? That’s fine on your own time, but on our time you have to follow our rules. It’s just like when your parents used to say it, only we can’t ground you. But we can disqualify you!**

*Be honest, how many of you noticed that both of the course links above took you to the same page?

**Did you read the rules? Who tried to jump rope the course?!