DRC Half Marathon & 5K Medal Series

 We kicked off our medal series in 2013 with the Pump House. We hit Winfrey Point in 2014, Sunset Bay in 2015, The Bath House in 2016.

For 2017 we bring you The Big Thicket


The icons on our logo are more than just landmarks you pass on the course. Each icon represents something special to us at White Rock Lake. And each icon will represent a year of the race.

Our logo features the icons in the order you run by them on our course. Run all the races in the series to collect all the medals.

We’re still working out the details and we will continue to update this page. Mark Fansler of Fansler Designs put up with all our perfectionism to design this beautiful logo. We just can’t thank him enough for understanding our need for it to be “just right.” And it is. Thanks, Mark! Have to miss a medal in the series? You can make it up!