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The White Rock Pump Station, built in 1911 and renovated in the late 1980s, began dispensing chlorinated water to the residents of Dallas in 1913. In 1929 the lake ceased to be used as a water supply (except for a few years during the drought of the 1950s).

The building, located at 2900 White Rock Road, is presently in use as the Water Operations Control Center of the Dallas Water Utilities.

A Texas Historical Commission medallion is attached to the exterior wall of the building near one of the ground level doors. It reads:


In response to increased population and extended droughts in the early 1900s, this facility was built to provide an additional water supply for the City of Dallas. Designed and built in 1911 by the City Engineering Department, the Renaissance Revival structure features corbelled brick and terra cotta details. Although its use has varied, and much of its original equipment is no longer intact, it remains an important water utility structure.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1989.


All information gathered from A Scenic Tour of White Rock Lake.

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