Big Thicket


Big Thicket Collage

The Big Thicket recreation building is another Civilian Conservation Corps project of the 1930s. For many years, bicycles could be rented here for riding around the lake. Today’s White Rock Lake cyclists (and there are plenty of them) have to bring their own.

On the lawn of the recreation building, overlooking the lake, a comfortable bench and a plaque inset in concrete commemorates Dean L. Eige (1936-1994) and paraphrases a quote by humorist Will Rogers. It reads: “He never ran a mile he didn’t like.”

A plaque donated by the Cross County Club of Dallas (now known as the Dallas Running Club) in 1991 is attached to the building itself. It commemorates Captain Talmage H. Morrison, U.S.N. Retired, founder of the Cross Country Club of Dallas and the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

All information gathered from Scenic White Rock Lake Park – Big Thicket.