Welcome to the 43rd Annual DRC Half Marathon and 5K!

How do we top being the RRCA Half Marathon Nationla Championship race? We put on a party so awesome, that we were named the 2017 RRCA Road Race of the Year! We have worked hard as a running club to highlight the best of running local in Dallas and can’t wait to share it with you again.

For those of us in Dallas, we love White Rock Lake. It is a beautiful lake and running trail that has been the home of Dallas Running Club since 1969. Five years ago, we chose to create a medal series showcasing six popular and well-loved landmarks. Our final year, we will pay tribute to one of the most iconic features in the Lake’s modern history – the Mockingbird Bridge. The arch over the north end of the lake, with it’s architectural lampposts is instantly recognizable.

Why the Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge?

Opened in the spring of 2006, the Mockingbird Point Foot Bridge, which parallels nearby Mockingbird Lane, is one of the latest improvements to White Rock Lake Park. Pedestrians and cyclists no longer have to walk along a narrow path beside a busy road in order to cross from the east to the west side of the lake (or vice versa).

All information gathered from Scenic White Rock Lake Park – Mockingbird Point Foot Bridge.